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Amy Grimes

Lucilla and the Snarly Skein

Lucilla and the Snarly Skein


Lucilla is good at untying knots of yarn. She has tiny fingers, a curious mind, and fierce determination. When Lucilla encounters an enormous knot of yarn (the snarly skein), she soon finds herself tangled and tied up. Some curious friends work to rescue her—seven white doves, twelve mice in fancy clothes, and a silky stream. But Lucilla remains trapped until the Night Rabbit arrives and leads her through the mysterious forest to Inkling—the Woodland King—who finally sets her free.

Where the story came from

Have you ever been anxious about something? It can make you feel like you're all tied up. This story came to my mind a few years ago when I was feeling worried. It encouraged me and helped me to find peace. I hope it helps you too. This book is perfect for children ages 5-10, but also great for ages 11-100. :)

The Details

- Hardcover
- 9.25"x12.25"
- 44 pages
- Smyth Sewn Binding

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