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Steve Smith works in the medium of discarded glass bottles, primarily wine bottles. They offer a palette of colors and are thick enough to lend themselves to the forming techniques he continues to explore and refine. No other artist has explored this particular art form to this extent. Everything he has learned has been through many trials and a lot more errors, but an enormous amount of fun.

Designing these small works of art is a mix of fantasy, adult attention deficit, and the burning desire to create a piece that will invite touch, contemplation, and deeper exploration. He seeks to create works with balance, harmony, and a reflectivity that allows for ever-changing imagery. These pieces are not transparent like stained glass—they look back at you as you examine them. They love light as they invite you to look into their souls and caress them with your fingertips.

All the glass used is recycled, even the mirrors are made from scraps. Before a sculpture can be assembled, each piece of the mosaic must be created...adding colors, cutting, drilling, carving, and 50 or more hours in the kiln, before assembling.

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Steve Smith

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