Meet Artist Spencer Till - Four Seasons Gallery

Meet Artist Spencer Till

Meet Spencer Till, the artist behind some of the most breathtaking art in the Gallery. Each of his driftwood fish are made from "driftwood which has made its way down miles of river networks in the Sipsey wilderness of North Alabama which culminate in Lewis Smith Lake."

Known as one of the deepest, most pristine lakes in the country, this lake brings forward absolutely gorgeous driftwood. The wood is mostly collected from Rock Creek, the centermost "finger" of the Smith Lake, before being dried and stored until it is ready to be crafted into a fish.

After constructing these fish -- which vary in size, color, material, and type of fish -- each piece is coated with up to six coats of clear, matte polyurethane to completely protect it form the elements. This means that your driftwood fish isn't limited to indoor décor, it can hang on your beachfront porch, your lake's boathouse, or wherever you imagine it looking best! 

A favorite for dad's office, lake house, or beach house, these fish make the perfect Father's Day gift! Interested in the fish in the Gallery, or having Spencer craft your own fish? Reach out via phone or email! We're available by phone [205.803.4059] Monday - Saturday from 10 - 5, or any time by email []. 

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