Crafting Beauty and Harmony: Discovering Glass Art with Donna Naugher at Four Seasons Gallery - Four Seasons Gallery

Exploring Glass Art with Donna Naugher

Embark on an artistic journey with Donna Naugher, a master of kiln-formed glass art, at Four Seasons Gallery. Since 2007, Donna has transformed her passion for glass art into stunning creations, specializing in kiln-fused glass. With a rich background in nursing and a heart full of creativity, she brings a unique perspective to her art. Her studio in Springville, Alabama, serves as both a creative space and an educational hub, where she shares her award-winning techniques and love for nature-inspired designs. Join her classes to experience the intricate process of creating glass art, from selecting the right materials to mastering the kiln-firing techniques. Each class is a journey through the fascinating world of glass, led by Donna's expertise and artistic vision. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, these classes offer a rare chance to learn from a true artisan and create your own glass masterpiece.
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sounds most interesting! I worked with stained glass, using copper foil method, for awhile, and have been interested in kiln-firing.

Ree Bolton

Please save me a spot, Iā€™m coming!

Marion Lagman

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