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St. James: Walkers & Runners
St. James: Walkers & Runners

St. James: Walkers & Runners

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Item details Handmade Material hand painted cast stone Dimensions Height: 8 Inches; Width: 3.5 Inches; Depth: 2.5 Inches This is a handmade statue of St. James, the patron of pilgrims, walkers, runners. I design, carve, and cast the pieces myself. I cast them in modified gypsum (a very strong building material) with bronze powder. The pieces come boxed, can stand or hang (there's a hook on the back), and can go outside. Each piece comes with a history card stating: St. James the Greater was one of the twelve apostles. His connection with walking and running long distances arose because the alleged site of his relics, in Compostela, Spain, became one of the most important pilgrimage destinations of Christianity. During the eleventh and twelfth centuries, half a million or more people per year made the thousand-mile pilgrimage from western France to Compostela. Today, thousands of people each year continue to make this pilgrimage on foot, carrying backpacks and making the thousand-mile walk (sometimes run) across the same paths people have been taking for eight hundred years. A connection between extreme physical exertion and spirituality lies at the deepest level of many religions: examples are walking Zen and the marathon monks of Mt. Hiei. This small statue of St. James shows him walking. The shell he wears was the symbol of the medieval Christian pilgrim. In his left hand he carries a gourd, the medieval canteen. He strolls with one of the other creatures who, like pilgrims, inhabit the route to Compostela. Dimensions: 8 (h) x 3.5 (w) 2.5 (d) inches