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Refresh - Spirit Tile #254
Refresh - Spirit Tile #254

Refresh - Spirit Tile #254

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Quote:The sun, the sand, and a drink in my hand. - Kenny Chesney ONWARD: ?Here�s to TACKing ??when you need to, continuing to DRIVE ?forward, and never forgetting to REFRESH ?your spirit! ? Life is a cycle that changes directions constantly. Recently, we are all too familiar with this fact. . This new collection of Spiritiles embodies our response to these sudden changes and our ability to continue onward! . We are embracing our resilience, opening ourselves up to new perspectives and ideas; all while adapting to our new world. Despite the changes, we find consistency and relish in always finding comfort in the people, places, and things we love. ? Together, one day at a time, we continue onward! . . . .