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Go Away Cat Gold Freshwater Pearls

Fairyland: 'Go Away Cat' Yellow Cat, Gold With Freshwater Pearls

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Fairyland Go Away Cat Earrings are created with painted Filigree, coral, glass cat and silver plated brass. Brass, Glass, Painted Leaves and Coral or Pearls.

They hang 1-3/4 inches beneath their lever-backs.

They come packaged in custom boxes that describe their creation and emphasize their artisan made painted design.

Story Behind the Design

This earring design was inspired by the cute little birds that for two years nested by our office front door. These little birds would dive bomb (peck at heads) of anyone walking from their car to the front door, or out the front door to their car. They also dive bombed our dogs too. They were very protective of their babies. They were fearless and we loved them for their bravery and commitment to family. I found these great little cat beads and I immediately thought of the birds and how they would have protected their young from cats (no different than people and dogs). Put them together with the diving birds and they make darling earrings I named "Go Away Cat."