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Collection: Mary Weir

Mary is a financial planner in Birmingham, Alabama. Although she enjoys her job, she finds this profession can be stressful at times. Some people relieve stress by exercising while others golf, garden, cook, read, or drink. Mary? She paints and has been doing so off and on for about 10 years. She says painting clears her mind, energizes and feeds her soul. 

She has learned from accomplished artist like Jo Ann Williams Walker, David Nichols, Diane McCrary, and Guido Fricke, to name a few. She is currently privileged to be studying with Diane Hathcock who is working hard to help me "loosen up" my paintings.

She continues to appreciate the freely-given advice of her brother, Jim Wier, who studied under Henry Hensche, the Egli's, and, for many years, with Dick Goetz.

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