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FarmHouse Fresh® intertwines exceptional skincare with a heartfelt commitment to animal welfare. The brand's non-profit Farm Animal Sanctuary spans 10 acres at their headquarters, providing a nurturing haven for over 40 special needs animals. This initiative extends beyond their sanctuary, supporting various non-profit animal care organizations.

A significant portion of every FarmHouse Fresh purchase aids in these animal rescue and care efforts. The brand's diverse range of products, from hand creams to luxurious soaps, lotions, and spa essentials, is not just about indulgence but also about making a positive impact. Customers can connect with the animals benefitted through the batch codes of their purchases.

FarmHouse Fresh’s skincare products are infused with just-harvested botanicals, brimming with high nutrition for the skin. These freshly grown microgreens, more nutrient-dense than many full-sized vegetables, deliver rapid results. Their potent extracts contribute to a gorgeous complexion, embodying the brand's dedication to effective, natural skincare.

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