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It all starts with a story.

As a child, fairytales and fantastic illustrations captivated my mind and sparked my passion for beautiful artwork and writing. Although I’ve created many kinds of art over the years, my favorite works of art are those inspired by stories. All of my art originates from the stories I write. I see my “story paintings” as windows that provide just enough to start the observer down the path, but leave a little mystery to ignite their imagination. Light shining out of the darkness is my favorite and most recurring theme. I believe that artwork that reflects goodness and truth can bring light into peoples lives, encouraging them and giving them hope.

My inspiration comes from long walks, rambling prayers, starry skies, and dreamy fairy tales. I enjoy a quiet life with my husband and two daughters, in a house full of treasured books and bright colors. A sleek, black cat and a silly brown bird dog keep me company each day while I paint.

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